Financial infidelity: Do you confess to dallying with your dollars?

loving couple, blurred
loving couple, blurred

My husband is a very faithful man: in the traditional sense. Every time I get upset at him, he says, "but honey! You should just hear me talk about you. Everyone at the bar knows you're the only one for me!"

Umm... that's so not the point, sweetheart! You just spent $80 (plus hefty ATM fees at the only cash machine near the dirty bar where you play pool) buying drinks for your entire street hockey team. Frankly, all I care about is the financial fidelity.

Whether it's a closet full of shoes whose retail price you go to great lengths to hide from your husband, that credit card you never told your fiancée about, or youthful irresponsibility that got your first new car repossessed: many of us are guilty of monetary indiscretions.