Heirloom seed catalogs, $2-$4, various vendors

Sarah Gilbert
seed catalogs
seed catalogs

The Daily Deal for January 12, 2008

Dreaming of spring? You could spend any amount of money grasping at the season-to-come. You could take a long weekend trip to the southern hemisphere. You could buy tulips and peonies shipped from Chile. You could get your fill of out-of-season asparagus.

Or you could get an heirloom seed catalog, and fill your long dark afternoons of winter planning a garden that would help preserve biological diversity, combat global warming, and fill your summer tummy full of delicious, fresh, healthful things. Sweet Chocolate Bell Peppers. Cimmaron Red Romaine. Grandpa's Cock's Plume Tomato. (Or Silvery Fir Tree, Zaryanka Sunrise, Whippersnapper Cherry.)

You can shop online, but seed catalogs are full of plenty and far more authentic. Seeds Trust will send you their 2008 catalog for $4.00; Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds will send you a catalog faster for $3.00 (it's slow, for free); Victory Seed Company will send a catalog for $2.00; Territorial Seed Company offers a free catalog.