It's leather time: Wilsons Leather 70% off winter sale is hot


Retail has developed some funny ideas over the years, including the notion that deepest winter is the perfect time to introduce the Spring line. Good luck finding sweaters and coats in the stores when it's actually cold outside. It's like trying to find a bathing suit on the racks in July. It's strangely impossible.

That's why I love the internets, where there are no seasons when it comes to sales. This is a case in point: It's cold now and I'm thinking I'd like a new coat. Why, and look! Wilsons Leather is having a big sale on coats!

Nothing says "end of holidays" like the cheery sound of 70% off. Check out some of these deals on warm, leather and Shearling coats: A Sean John hooded leather bomber jacket that was $495 is now on sale for $149. A Smith & Wesson leather cycle jacket was selling for $500 is now selling for $249.88.

On the lady's side: A Guess faux sherpa was $230, now $69. That's why not pricing. A Kenneth Cole three-button topper was selling for $480, now on sale for $144. There's lots more, and kids' stuff, too. Baby, it's cold outside, but all the more reason to check out his sale now.