I'm a bad credit card customer, and I like it that way


Last week at The Consumerist, a Chase customer service representative gave some insight into his job and how the bank views customers. I found out that I'm a bad customer for Chase, and I like it that way. Here's why I'm a bad customer....

Apparently only about 5% of credit card customers are considered the "best." You get to be a best customer if you borrow lots of money from the bank for homes and cars, or if you have a high credit card balance and you're paying them a lot of interest.

You get to be a "valuable" customer of Chase if you pay your credit card bill on time. Basically, you cause the bank no trouble, so they don't mind keeping you. But you do have to still pay the bank some sort of interest charges.

And then there are the "non-profit" customers of Chase. They pay their bill in full every month, so no interest charges are generated. A small fee is earned by the bank each time you use your credit card, but the vast majority of the transaction fees are kept by Visa and Mastercard, so essentially Chase makes no money on your account. The non-profit customer always pays the bill on time, so there's never a late fee and they don't go over their credit limit, so no fees there either.