tx2ph: Translation: Free fiction on your cell phone


In the modern age of air travel, carrying reading material has become more difficult just as the need for it is more frequent. So why not keep a few novels and stories handy on your cell phone for those long layovers?

One service that meets my criteria for a Walletpop recommendation (cheap and easy) is tx2ph.com. This free service allows you to upload literature from its site (classic stuff, out of copyright by still worth the reading) already formatted for your cell phone screen. No more fussing with those pdf files! It would be so cool to re-read Edgar Rice Burrough's John Carter of Mars novels, one of many tx2ph's choices, on such a futuristic platform!

The service can also configure the files for a rotated screen, to take advantage of the longer dimension of your screen, whether portrait or landscape. What appeals to me most, though, is the ability to upload my own content. I could upload my own stories and read them over anywhere, anytime, reminding myself why I'm not a rich novelist who can fly first class and have my assistant read me the latest hard-back best-seller. Yet.

Free stories in my pocket. The future has arrived.