To office or not to office

Tracy Coenen
a 'hot desk' at souk
a 'hot desk' at souk

When starting a new business, one of the first decisions to be made is whether or not to rent an office. Obviously, if you're opening a restaurant or a manufacturing facility, you must have a fixed location. But if you're an attorney, a human resources professional, an accountant, or some other type of consultant, the decision isn't quite as clear-cut.

One of the biggest concerns when starting a business is keeping expenses low, so for some, an office might be one more unnecessary expense. On the other hand, there are some small business owners who say that they couldn't do busines without an office, so it's must no matter what.

Ask yourself two questions when deciding if an office is right for you: 1. Do I need it? 2. Can I afford it?

There is no doubt that someone like a criminal defense attorney needs an office. It wouldn't be prudent to meet with clients at a home office in this line of work. For others who aren't so sure, ask yourself whether you're willing to have clients come to your home, whether meeting at a coffee shop is a possibility, and whether an office is necessary to your company's image.