Ancient artifacts at prices that won't bury you


You know how it is. You're sitting around the house with your wife, looking at a blank space on the mantle, and wishing you knew what to put there. Finally, she turns to you and says "Honey, we've waited long enough. It's time to buy a 5,000 year old Sumerian phallus statue." You look back at her, stare deeply into her eyes and say "my God, it's like you're in my head."

Or you're hanging out in the bedroom and something just doesn't feel right. You try moving the furniture, taking down the framed posters, rearranging the curtains. Still, something is off. Finally, you realize that the room's fung shui is out of balance and can only be rectified by the addition of an ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus amulet.

Okay, it's not like anybody needs to buy antiquities. But they're still really, really cool. There's something about holding an item that has survived for thousands of years. It helps you weed out the nonsense. After all, when you're contemplating the eternal, it's easier to forget that your best buddy "accidentally" beaned you in the head when he got a little too excited by his game of "Guitar Hero."