Tell a joke, earn some pocket money

Looking for a way to replenish the pocket money tapped by the holidays? Each week Comic Wonder awards $50 to the best joke-teller. It's a new site, so the competition isn't too tough... yet!

Comic Wonder, which launched officially in December 2007, is the first competitive arena for joke-telling on the Internet. Jokes aren't just for fun though. They are an oral tradition that has been part of nearly every culture for thousands of years. Comic Wonder is the first online forum dedicated to promoting jokes in their original audio format. A written joke can't quite convey what the spoken word can, so the site's joke-tellers use the simple "call-out joke acquisition system." Visitors can easily tell and listen to jokes, and they can particpate in the action by voting, sharing, and commenting.Kelly Fitzsimmons and her husband Jeff are the serial entrepreneurs who started Comic Wonder. She told me, "We are launching a revolutionary new way to enjoy jokes. No longer are funny friends and relatives confined to the geographic limitations of the water cooler or dinner table. Thanks to Comic Wonder, these jokesters now have the world as their audience... for better or worse."

Joke-telling might sound old-school to you. But with the wonders of modern technology, telling jokes is new again. They've even got a cool new name for it: UGJ = user generated jokes.

Guy Kawasaki compares Comic Wonder to "finding a $20 in your jeans." No doubt, half the fun is actually listening to the jokes, because any good comic will tell you that the delivery is everything. It used to be hard to find the good jokes on the internet, but Kelly and Jeff are raising the bar with Comic Wonder.

So maybe you need a little extra cash for your debt snowball? Tell a joke, win some money. The 2007 Comic Wonder of the Year will be unveiled on January 11th and there's still time to vote. The winner gets $2,500 and the "World's coolest t-shirt ever."

Tracy L. Coenen, CPA, MBA, CFE performs fraud examinations and financial investigations for her company Sequence Inc. Forensic Accounting, and is the author of Essentials of Corporate Fraud.
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