I'm not scared of big banks anymore


"Big business" gets a bad rap these days. Want someone to blame for harming the environment, or not paying enough in taxes, or not offering high enough wages... big corporations are the perfect scapegoat. They seem naughty.

Their profits are huge. Well of course the profits are huge. They're huge corporations. Little company, little profits. Big company, big profits. If they're lucky enough to turn a profit, that is.

I always preferred to bank with a smaller regional bank. I thought that they cared about me more. That they would take care of me better. That they were invested in the community and wanted to provide good customer service.

Until they stopped returning my calls. They were too busy and said my accounts were too small. And then they sent me shreds of paper that used to be my canceled checks. Every time I turned around, it seemed they were sending me a message that they didn't want my business.