Get help paying for your prescription medications

pill bottleIf you're having trouble with the high costs at the pharmacy and you're being forced to choose between putting a meat loaf on the table or following doctor's orders, then you need to know that there's a bucket load of options available to you for seeking help to pay for your prescription medications.

You can start out by calling the customer service department of the company which manufactures your medication. If you don't know who makes it, ask your pharmacist for help. When you call the manufacturer, make it clear that you are having trouble paying for your medications. You'll probably be surprised at how quickly they try to help you by referring you to programs or agencies that can help you.

While you're talking to your pharmacist ask them if they can provide any additional options for you. There are programs at the county, state and federal levels which seek to provide assistance with prescription costs and your pharmacist should know about these programs. Don't forget to ask your pharmacist about generic alternatives also.

Even if you're not a member, you might consult with AARP.

They specialize in serving and protecting the interests of retired people but they'll provide information to anyone. I can almost guarantee that they deal with medication purchasing issues every hour of every day. Even if they can't help you themselves, they can surely help direct you to the people who can.

Consider contacting non-profit organizations such as Seniors Inc., they are there to help you. Do be careful with non-profits however. If the organization you contact asks for an up front fee or payment of any kind, get away from them quickly and move on to your next option. The exceptions to this rule are those organizations that kindly and without pressure suggest you might make a donation after they have already helped you.

With a little time and research you should be able to find a money saving option which will work for you. In a time when pharmaceuticals have become so specialized and useful, there's no good reason why you should have to do without your life-improving medications.

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