Preposterous Products: Batter Blaster- one giant squirt for mankind


Hypothesis: There is not food that cannot be made more fun by dispensing it from an aerosol can.

Evidence in support of hypothesis: Reddi-wip (I suppose you've never squirted a blast directly into your mouth when you were alone), and Nabisco Easy Cheese (I'll wait a moment while the French among our readers catch their breath).

However, I've waited in vain most of my life for more such products. Until today. Today I learned about Batter Blaster, pancake batter that comes in an aerosol spray can. According to its PR, using Batter Blaster batter is as simple as inverting and squirting. Finally we are freed from the agony of opening boxes, adding liquids, mixing and cleaning up the mess. Even a three-year-old can now squirt out circles of cakey goodness, unless he decides the batter would be better used to coat his infant sister's head. Don't believe me? Check out their video below.

The proof of my hypothesis will have to wait until I can actually lay my hands on some of this product. Assuming, of course, I fight off the urge to squirt it directly into my mouth.

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