The Frugal Bride and Groom: Write your own song

As we enter the wedding planning season (you have booked the country club already, right? The best band in town? Ordered those flowers that need to be planted today in order to have them fresh for the ceremony?), one item that you may not have thought to include in your budget is a personalized song.

After all, you wouldn't want the newlyweds to dance at their reception to music sullied by its use at countless other, less elegant soirees, would you? Still, I wonder if the services of, a company that claims to create songs especially for you, is worth the money.

Its services start at $269 for its budget product, an assemblage of in-stock pieces, with "insert name here" flexibility in the lyrics. The final product is performed by professionals and presented to you in CD and MP3 format. For an actual, made from scratch, song, expect to pay much more.

The Frugal Bride and Groom might consider writing their own tune. Take a tip from famous plagiarizers such as George Harrison and Michael Bolton. Start with a song from an unfamiliar era, add your own Hallmark-like words, tweak the tempo, change the key, fuse in a bridge from another tune, and voila! -- you're dancing to the beat of your own drummer.

And you'll have saved $300 or more to cover the cost of the copyright infringement lawyer. Alternatively, you can just befriend a musician and buy him dinner. Lots of musicians will work for food.

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