Great American Smokeout is November 20. Stop smoking, save money


I know why I'm writing this: I have a family member who I'd like to convince to quit smoking. Oh, I know how a post about giving up smoking will be received. The people who wish family or friends would quit smoking will read this and nod their heads. The smokers who are forwarded this email will probably hit delete immediately.

But I'll give it a shot, anyway. Maybe some smoker will accidentally read this and their common sense will prevail. You never know.

The Great American Smokeout officially began in 1976. Every November since, the American Cancer Society has been promoting the event, with the idea that willing smokers will say, "You know what? I'm quitting today." And then if all goes as planned, they will quit. Or at least they'll give it a serious shot. This year's event is on November 20.