2007 Departures: 'Wii'-ding out the Nintendo GameCube


A household name since 2001, the Nintendo GameCube has now been replaced by the Wii. The GameCube was the fourth video game console by Nintendo, preceded by the Nintendo 64, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the Nintendo Entertainment System, and the Color TV Game. Nintendo started off with the Color TV Game system in 1977. The system had six versions of the tennis game widely referred to as Pong.

The GameCube launched with 12 games, but the library grew to over 700 games by the time it was retired. Serious gamers, however, preferred the Sony PlayStation2 and the Microsoft Xbox, as the GameCube was known for having more family-friendly games.

Gaming enthusiasts weigh in on the GameCube versus Wii debate, and it seems that Wii is everything that GameCube could never be.

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