Flor 'Morning Coffee' carpet tiles, $8.79, Flor.com

The Daily Deal for December 29, 2007

Are you resolving to live a cleaner, lovelier life in 2008? I am bigtime, and I'm nearly finished a total makeover of my sons' chaotic room. The fun-but-maddening foam alphabet puzzles have been picked up and put away, and in their place will go simple, orderly, and largely unmovable carpet tiles from Flor.com. Imagine my delight when I saw three colors of the textural 'Morning Coffee' line on sale; two, 'Scone' and 'Cannoli' perfect for my purposes given their soothing colors.

At $8.79 each or less than $4 per square foot, these are the best prices offered anywhere on the 'net, and the shipping was comparable to other sites. I paid $22 to ship 16 of the company's 50 cm x 50 cm tiles. Stick 'em on, move 'em later, change 'em out if you spill something. These colors are closeouts, though, so you'll want to keep that in mind when you're choosing quantity.