2007 Departures: Cars that ended up on the hook


I admit I have a soft spot in my heart for one of the vehicles that was discontinued in 2007, the Dodge Caravan. I took the first one I owned on a 5,000-mile tour of the west with friends, backpacking in Idaho and sightseeing along the spine of the Rockies. My current model has hauled my bicycles, kayak, friends and freight for years without complaint.

However, it is one of several Chrysler products that has ended up on the chopping block as the company attempts to regain profitability after its sale this year by Daimler to Cerberus. Joining the Caravan on the junk heap are the sporty Crossfile, the ugly Pacifica SUV, the gangsteriffic Magnum and the PT Cruiser Convertible.

Not all is dire news, though. A larger, redesigned van, the Grand Caravan, will join the Chrysler line in 2008. Of these discontinued products, I suspect the most mourned will be the Crossfire; never a big seller, it does seem to have some loyal fans.

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