Make your own Coke Bl?K


Many of our readers have despaired over the discontinuation of Coca-Cola Bl?K, the cola and coffee drink that the company pulled off the shelves this year. Apparently, they weren't alone. I've managed to find several recipes for making your own version, one or more of which could hopefully keep you from jonesing for the beverage. You could try

From Aces Full of Links

  • 12 oz. Coke Zero

  • 2 oz. Autocrat iced cappuccino mix

From Recipezaar

  • 12 oz. cream soda

  • 12 oz. cola

  • 1 tsp. sugar

  • 2 tbsp. espresso

If you're in the frame of mind to pay for a recipe, Top Secret Recipes promises to have a good clone you can make yourself.

Before spending the dough on the ingredients, though, you might want to check out Anderson Cooper's spit-take.