2007 Departures: Coke Bl?K too far in the red


B?cK In 2006, Coca-Cola unveiled a new drink that "fuses Coke effervescence with coffee essence." Coke Bl?K, sold in edgy 8-oz. bottles, was priced to compete in the Starbucks universe. At almost $2 a pop, this was not your father's Coca-Cola.

In fact, it wasn't much of anyone's Coke, if sales were any indication. After two years of trying to entice the "over-30, savvy, sophisticated achiever" (their words) market, the company dumped the brand down the sink this year. Those hooked on buzz Coke will have to travel to Spain, Canada, or the Czech Republic for their fix. Or they could buy a Coke ($0.75) and a shot of espresso ($1.25), mix their own, and save the air fare.

I suspect if the flavor had been appealing, Starbucks would have offered the combo long ago. But perhaps I'm just not a savvy, sophisticated achiever.

Can't stand the thought of losing your Coke Blak? Why nottry making your own?

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