Daily Deal: Your local library!

library books
library books

I know this might seem like a cop out for the daily deal post but, in the wake of Christmas, do you really need to go out and spend more money to buy more stuff -- even if it is "on sale"?

So my recommendation for today isn't just a great deal -- It's totally free! That's right: Your local library.

And remember, the library isn't just about books. In most towns, you can get free museum passes, DVDs, CDs, magazines, and even video games at a few. And yet, as any librarian will tell, shockingly few people take advantage of this great resource.

So make a deal with your family: Make 2008 your year of the library. Visit frequently, and make a point of enjoying one family activity per week with something you got from the library. You'll be surprised at how much fun you have, and it will help you cut back on more expensive activities.