2007 Departures: McDonald's McRib off to last roundup


The McRib -- all 500 calories and 26 grams of fat of it -- was one of the departures of 2007. If it weren't for all the other fatty foods on the McDonald's menu, our hearts could rest a bit easier.

The McRib debuted nationwide to lackluster sales in 1981 and was removed from the menu shortly thereafter. Since then, the sandwich has been in and out of our lives, returning periodically for special promotions but then disappearing.

Then in 2005, McD's announced it was canning the sandwich for good -- but not before it launched a facetious campaign to save the McRib, headlined by its tongue-in-cheek advocacy group, The Boneless Pig Farmers Association of America.

The sandwich is currently in the midst of its third farewell tour, complete with another flashy website and a less than catchy tagline: "For those about to McRib, we salute you".

Is the McRib really leaving? To be fair, this has all the credibility of Michael Jordan announcing his retirement -- or perhaps Steve and Eydie's 25th annual farewell tour.

I'll believe the McRib is gone when I stop smelling it.

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