Pimp your kitchen: Deep after-holiday discounts on kitchen ware

Just because I can't cook that well doesn't mean I don't love my kitchen gadgets.

And it's the time of the year when people like me can go crazy, on the hope that next year, finally, I'll have the right stuff to not botch the bird or burn my cookies.

The Chef's Catalog website is featuring its end of the year blowout-sale, with savings of up to 75% on a number of items. Check out this Le Creuset 9-inch ceramic baking pan (pick your color!) for only $30. That's outlet pricing, folks. How about a Kenwood triple steamer (for all you impatient herbivores out there), $30 off at $100.

Best deal of all: Free shipping on orders over $99 -- through December 31.

If you're one of those people who can easily pass two hours in Sur la Table, remember that its website is a good alternative for killing time. Also for saving on year-end deals, where it's cooking up some deep, end-of the-season discounts. Check out its Holiday sale here: featuring 20-50% off various items. There are incredible deals to be had in particular on its seasonal items. But you might already be too late. A lot of the very best deals seem already to have been pounced on. These cute blown-glass pumpkin place holders, on sale for $2 down from $20, are already out of stock. Good luck on your search, but you might want to add this sale onto your new 2008 calendar. For December 26 at 12:01 a.m.!

Never forget good old Amazon.com. It sells a lot of kitchen happiness these days. And its end-of-the-year sale is worth a good look for some lip-smacking deals. Some are hard to believe: This KitchenAid 14-piece red silicon cutlery set was selling for $200 -- now on sale (and in stock?!) for $50. All I can say is, why the heck not? Who cares if it doesn't match your kitchen.

Williams-Sonoma isn't having an after-Christmas sale, but it's still worth your while to check out its regular sales page, which can serve up some tasty enough savings. Check out this All-Clad roaster with rack -- the large version selling here for $120, usually selling for $160.

Get to it, home cooks! And may next year's fare turn out better than mine.
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