Getting killed by college costs? Rent your textbooks!


With textbook prices rising about twice as fast as inflation for year, and a lot of students and their parents are having trouble keeping up. Some have even suggested legislative solutions, and organizations like this one have popped up to protest rising prices.

Financially savvy students have an alternative in which allows you to rent your textbooks for the semester.

Clinically Oriented Anatomy will set you back $71.16 on -- but you can have it for a whole semester for $29.93 plus $6.99 for shipping on Chegg. Return shipping is included in the rental price.

I know: For some classes you may want to keep your textbook. But probably not for general education requirements. If you're an art history major, do you really want to spend twice as much money to have your very own copy of an anatomy book?

College is expensive -- there's no getting around that. But there are a lot of ways that creative students can save some money, and we'll try to bring ways to do that to your attention here on WalletPop.

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