Very last minute, oddball gifts


Time is running out for last-minute shoppers. Coming up with some unique gift ideas is getting pretty tough.

What to do? Well, the imaginative folks at, which is a comparison shopping engine, put together a last-minute list of unusual gifts that may well render your recipients all but speechless. The list includes:

Big Daddy Driver: How to describe. Hmmm. Well, this looks like a massive golf club, but is actually a working weed whacker. If the ball lands on the rough, it could literally clear the weeds to get a better shot.

Music Toilet Paper: Perfect for the person who can't stand to be apart from his iPod for even a few minutes. Or for someone who wants a soundtrack for number two duties...

USB Missile Launcher: For anyone who doesn't have enough to do at work these days. Protect yourself, and the Geeks you love, with this fun desktop "weapon."

Cadillac Escalade Golf Cart: For the American golf player who has everything...(except for maybe taste). Only $18.9K, but hey, sometimes the perfect gift costs a little extra. Alternatively, you could buy an actual car for this amount. But that wouldn't be as festive, would it?

Thermofocus:The first non-contact clinical thermometer that provides an accurate body reading without touching the body. A real conversation starter.

Surely you have someone on your list who would love any of these unusual gifts. And if they're that unique, chances are they won't mind waiting until after Dec. 25 to unwrap them. Because unless you believe in Santa Claus, there's little chance you can get these under the tree by tomorrow.