Are you buying Fido tainted toys?

If you're like me, you often find yourself tempted to spend more money on holiday gifts for your four-legged furry friends than your relatives. I know I have a lot more fun watching Maggie and Ramsey playing with their rubber balls with biscuits in the middle (called Kongs -- a great but expensive gift for the dog in your life) than I would watching my dad put together a new grill or inflatable New England Patriots chair.

But there could be trouble on the horizon: With all the talk about recalls of imported children's toys with high lead-levels, almost nothing has been said about dog toys!

And it turns out that there are no legal standards for lead levels or anything else in in pet toys -- and the Consumer Products Safety Commission says it lacks jurisdiction over pet issues, and can only intervene if the health of the owner if being effected. However a lot of pet stores test their products anyway.