Gifts with an edge: The Phobia list poster


As the holiday season approaches, we thought you might appreciate some gift suggestions with a twist, appropriate for those on your list who aren't satisfied with the same old, same old.

For those of you with friends/gift obligations who are troublingly unaware of just what whackos they are, we have the prefect gift; the Phobia List Poster. This handsome 18" by 24" glossy is covered with definitions of hundreds of phobias that most of us were unaware of, or unaware such traits are considered phobias, rather than reasonable reactions. For example--

  • Arachibutyrophobia- the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth

  • Pupaphobia- the fear of puppets

  • Bolsephobia- the fear of Bolsheviks

  • Fear of chopsticks- Consecotaleophobia

  • Fear of being ignored- Athazagoraphobia

This poster would look wonderful in a simple frame, perhaps in a psychiatrist's waiting room.

Suggestion -- If you are gifting someone you don't particularly care for, who suffers from Atelophobia, the fear of imperfection, you could have the poster mounted slightly off-square.