Anheuser-Busch organic vodka: Doing good by doing shots


Those of us pinching pennies would be well advised to view the word "organic" with skepticism, as it often represents a higher price without other significant benefits, either in nutrition or sustainable agriculture. I would point to the new trend, "organic" hard liquor, as an example.

Anheuser-Busch is one company attracted by the higher price points of "organic" goods, recently unveiled an organic vodka, Purus, made from organic Italian wheat and water from the Alps. It claims to filter Purus through 1.7 million square meters of active charcoal (which makes no sense, since filtration is measured in volume, not area).

This follows the company's success with organic beers Stonemill Pale Ale and Wild Hops Lager. In a generally stagnant alcohol climate, organic beer sales grew by 29% in 2006. Organic wine was also up by 13%

At $35 or so a bottle, I question that Purus is the vodka for me. Distillation is distillation, and water from the Alps is still good old H20. If I want to minimize the environmental footprint of my beverage, I'll drink something crafted closer to home, that didn't need to be shipped halfway around the world to quench my thirst for a green buzz.