Abusive debt collectors sent a loud (and expensive) message


This is one of those stories that you have to read twice to fully comprehend. On the first pass, you might find yourself saying "no way!" And then on the second pass you realize it is (sadly) true.

Delores Maddux had a credit card with CitiFinancial, and her account was eventually sold to Merchants Retail Credit Association (MRCA). The company demanded $10,000 from Maddux (and her husband, and her daughter), which she believed was an incorrect amount, so she disputed the amount owed.

According to Caveat Emptor:When she disputed the amount, MRCA debt collectors called her lazy, fat, black, inbred, pathetic, and stupid. The MRCA debt collector threatened to tell everyone Dolores Maddux knew that she was a deadbeat. The debt collectors from MRCA laughed at her and threatened to ruin her life and Gilbert Maddux's life. They called her a liar, a thief, and verbally abused her and her husband, daughter, and others, telling the people they called that Dolores Maddux was a deadbeat, a thief, a liar, etc.

The threats and harassment carried on, including vulgarities and racial slurs. So one day, Delores had enough and hired an attorney. The case has concluded with the court awarding Delores Maddux $616,971 plus $237,419 in attorney fees and costs. I wonder if that sends a message?