Using the debt snowball concept? How about adding snowflaking?


This is a great concept written about by a blogger who is working to pay down debt and free her family from financial imprisonment. She calls her blog "I've Paid For This Twice Already," in honor of those credit card purchases that rack up interest month after month, resulting in many people paying twice as much for the things they buy.

The "debt snowball" concept is promoted by Dave Ramsey, a proponent of being debt-free. That means no credit cards, no auto loans or leases, and no loans other than a modest home mortgage.

The snowball method requires you to list all your debts, either in order from lowest to highest total, or from lowest interest rate to highest interest rate. You decide how much money each month you will pay toward your debt. All accounts are paid the minimum payment, and any extra money that is to be paid on debt goes toward the debt you want to pay off first. (The one you want to pay off first will either be the one with the lowest balance or the one with the highest interest rate, depending upon the methodology you prefer.)

Suppose you decide you will pay $1,000 toward debt each month. You make all minimum payments, and have $300 left over. The extra $300 is then applied to the debt you want to pay off first.

Each month you continue this process of paying all minimums, but applying your extra debt paydown money to the single debt you want to pay off first. After you eliminate that one, you use all extra debt paydown money toward the next debt you've targeted.