Gifts with an edge: Marshmallow shooter


As the holiday season approaches, we thought you might appreciate some gift suggestions with a twist, appropriate for those on your list who aren't satisfied with the same old, same old.

Christmas is that joyous time when we come face to face with financial ruin. If you have children addicted to Paintball, you know what I mean. For the rest of you, though, it's not too late to avoid taking out a second mortgage to feed your kid's habit. Give them a cheaper way to take out their aggressions. I'm not talking foam bats or the good old traditional BB gun, though. I'm pointing you to the Marshmallow Shooter.

These finely-crafted armaments fire a full load of pure cane white. Each has a 22 mm (marshmallow)-capacity magazine and is capable of hurtling foam firepower 30 feet, easily enough to reach your sleeping sister in her bed across the hall.

The advantages of the Shooter go beyond money-savings, too. What other warriors can resupply at the local Kroger's? And unlike paintball or conventional weapons, the Shooter's ammo doubles as survival supplies. One can live a surprisingly long time on S'Mores.