Technology for the rest of us: GPS units


Technology is getting more and more complex, but at the same time, amazing technological benefits are available to us average Joes without too much fiddling around. That is what this column will be covering.

Every Monday, right here on WalletPop, I'll feature an easy-to-use hack, gadget or service that can really make your life better, saving you time, or saving you money. Geeks, technophiles and early adopters have plenty of other places to look for hot new technologies to try. Here you'll find technology for the rest of us.

There used to be a time, whenever my family visited the U.S., when I sat in the back of the car with the massive road atlas and followed where we were with a finger. My stepdad had mapped out a route ahead of time, and I would call out directions. Now some parents have DVD players and video games to keep the kids quiet, and businessmen on trips in unfamiliar cities don't get to enjoy a 13-year-old kid in the back with a Rand-McNally atlas to call out the turns.