What's wrong with marrying for love and to have a family?


Today's article in the Wall Street Journal online, points to the sad state of today's society. While marriage used to be considered sacred, and couples who entered into it did so out of love for each other and to start a family, the fact that this article even exists, is pretty sad. $1 million, $2.5 million, has marriage become like the lottery, just with better odds of winning?

Don't think I am bitter after asking my wife what she thought I was worth and she came back with a figure in the 3 digits! I think the fact is that for the majority, marriage still is a serious venture that is to be undertaken only when you have true feeling for one another. Just because Hollywood views things differently and glorifies divorce, and the settlements that follow, doesn't mean that fro mainstream America this is the case.

In this holiday season when we wish goodwill towards man, let's take the vow of marriage seriously and not as a way to fund next years Christmas shopping.

Aaron Katsman is the lead Portfolio Manager and Managing Director of America Israel Investment Associates, LLC. and Senior Editor of IsraelNewsletter.com.