Uncle Bill has a very special opportunity he wants to share with you...


The holiday season is a time for family... a time for friends... a time for conversation... a time for you to get roped into a "special opportunity."

Did Uncle Bill ever approach you at a gathering of family and friends to tell you he wanted to share an opportunity with you? Or did he walk up to you and say that he had just started his own business? (And you were probably dumbfounded because you couldn't think of any type of business that Uncle Bill was qualified to run.) What about an invitation to come hear a great motivational speaker? Or an invite to a meeting, the substance of which Uncle Bill wouldn't tell you... but he would say that you would be really interested?

All of these are typical come-ons when someone has become involved in a multi-level marketing scheme. They go by different names – MLM, network marketing, dual marketing, direct selling, binary plans, and many others. They'll tell you "this company is different," but it's really not.