The number one way to protect yourself from ID theft


Ken and Daria Dolan are widely known as America's First Family of Personal Finance.

What do Oprah, Tiger and Spielberg have in common? They've all been the victims of ID theft -- along with 27,000 other Americans TODAY alone!

Identity theft is a massive problem that can cause years of headaches and heartache trying to get your finances untangled and your credit restored. Here's the #1 way you can protect yourself today:

Remove your name from the pre-approved credit mailing lists that are sold by the big three credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. This isn't something many people know how to do, but it's super easy when you know this website:

Simply visit the site and follow the directions. By limiting the unsolicited offers you receive in the mail, you also limit the chances of some dumpster diver finding one of those applications you toss in the trash and using it to open an account in your name.

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