The three best vehicle buying websites to visit


Ready to buy a new car or truck? If so, you're pretty smart to be shopping at this time of the year, as dealers anxious to push out older 2007 models are ready to give much better incentives to prospective buyers. That doesn't mean you shouldn't perform adequate research on the vehicles on your short shopping list, though.

The web is a wonderful thing -- and it makes for armchair research that just wasn't possible a decade ago. Web-savvy shoppers can be armed with more information than some car dealers themselves -- but you have to know where to look. There are so many website offering vehicle-buying tips, tricks, invoice cost estimates, reviews, etc. that it can be overwhelming.

But, if you're prepared to spend a little to save a lot, there are resources that will make your car research journey much easier for the brain. First off, spend just under $6 for a subscription to and research any car to your heart's content down the the nth degree. Next, check out a favorite of mine, (which is free to access). There are customer reviews, editor reviews, information you can use to negotiate pricing and much more. Also, (Kelley Blue Book) charges $6 for complete vehicle reliability ratings.

There you have it -- for under $13 you have access to three website offering a plethora of vehicle information that could save you thousands in the long run as well as save you from buying a lemon (new or used). Happy hunting!