Holiday Ideas that pay: Homemade teacher gifts

It's that time of the year again. Time to cough up the presents for your kids' teachers.

So what's a parent to do? Those gifts can add up, especially if you have a few teachers to buy for. Why not try making something instead? It's a great way to save some cash this holiday season, while showing someone that they are special enough to get a handmade gift. Even better, have your kids help out so they can feel like they've had a hand in making something unique for their teacher. Here are a few ideas:

  • A mason jar filled with homemade granola (very easy to make), with a beautiful ribbon wrapped around it.
  • A decorative box filled with homemade peppermint bark (also very easy to make, and doesn't require any baking).
  • A tray of decorated holiday cookies made by you and your kids, covered in cellophane and tied with a ribbon.
  • Make a personalized memo pad. Have your child do a small drawing of a flower or something similar, and have them sign it, then copy it three times. Fold an 8"x11" piece of paper into four squares and tape the cutout drawing onto the paper so that the tops of the pictures meet. Take this to a printer and ask them to copy it and cut it into four so that you will have four memo pads. If you like, stick a magnet onto the back so the teacher can use it on the fridge.
  • Put together a homemade pancake mix in a jar, and attach a small bottle of maple syrup for a perfect Christmas morning breakfast. Or make a mix for cranberry bread, or some other kind of festive baked goods, and add a gift card with instructions for baking.
  • Have your child help you make a beautiful ornament with his name on it in an inconspicuous spot. (check out the website at Family Fun for some ornament ideas)
  • Give the teacher a voucher for a homemade lunch to be brought in by your child one day after the holidays.
We'd love to hear your homemade gift ideas here!
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