Have yourself a very green Christmas


When we talk of having a 'green' Christmas, the word can take on a few meanings. One: saving quite a bit of money (green) by searching out bargains and ensuring your dollar is stretched to the absolute limit at the same time you retrieve all those gifts for friends and family.

Two: you decorate and gravitate to the Christmas season using ecologically sound guidance and methods to ensure a happy holiday ban be had without wasting any resources you don't have to.

So, why not start a 'green tradition' this Christmas and find ways to reduce your output while really celebrating? From gifts made with recycled materials to making gifts from the heart with nary a dollar in them, there are ways to go about it. Check these suggestions out.

  • 1. Deck the halls with LEDs, not light bulbs

  • 2. Give green gifts, like cashmere sweaters, natural beauty products and soy candles

  • 3. Wrap with recyclables paper over and over again

  • 4. Make your greetings green -- and better yet, email e-cards to everyone. These take less resources and can be just as personable, which is contrary to how some feel about them

  • 5. Decorate with nature

  • 6. Host an organic potluck dinner

  • 7. Travel green

  • 8. Go shopping in your closet

  • 9. Spend time, not money