New tech: That voice in your head could be real


To advertise A&E's new series Paranormal, the network is employing new technology that beams its ad script directly into your head. Yes, according to Advertising Age, those voices you hear in your head may no longer be your own familiar psychosis, but an advertising campaign.

The ads use a new technology that shapes sound waves into a narrow beam that can be focused on a single point at considerable distance. For example, you could be walking through a museum, and when you reach the targeted spot, hear a voice describing the picture before you, while those around you hear nothing. The tech is already used in the New York Public Library for A/V viewing.

Of course, such astounding technology will find its first widespread use in advertising. For the Paranormal campaign, A&E has targeted pedestrians passing a large billboard in Manhattan, a town teeming with people who hear voices anyway. The developers of the tech, Holosonics, is currently in talks with Proctor and Gamble and Kraft about supermarket placements. (Like I need a ANOTHER voice in my head telling me to buy Chips A'hoy!)

So the next time you see an inner city pedestrian wearing an aluminum foil hat, don't be so quick to write them off as insane. They may just want a little peace and quiet.