Led Zeppelin reunion: When it's worth it to spend a grand on a concert


A lot's been written about how Boomers are the ones driving the concert business these days. That's because we know great music when we hear it. And we're willing to pay big for the privilege of hearing it again.

Back on March 10th I wrote a piece for Bloggingstocks about my chance encounter with Jimmy Page of the great Led Zeppelin. I was doing the routine I had done over 200 times the previous 15 years: riding the train to London-Gatwick airport, walking over to the Northwest Airlines ticket counter and waiting for my plane. The ride to Minneapolis, non-stop is 8 1/2 hours...a nice dinner, two movies and a four-hour nap. But that day was different.

I was getting off the train when I spotted an older gentleman with a young boy -- his grandson. It was Jimmy Page, founder and lead guitarist of Led Zeppelin, waiting to hop on the train for the ride back to London. I jumped back on the train and felt like a 50 year old groupie -- but I had to meet him. In my humble opinion, and I am from a very musical family, (although the genes of talent didn't come my way!) is that Led Zeppelin was, is and will always be the greatest band ever. My college age kids love the band: their dorms are full of Zeppelin music and they weren't even born when the band broke up in 1980.