Daily Deal: Wrap up the men you love in this NFL blanket - Save $20


Look. We all know it's hard to get that perfect blend of practical and perfecto when it comes to buying gifts for some people. Here's a solution for that hard to please sports fan in your family. Something no self-respecting guy would ever buy for himself...because he has no idea he even needs it.

Yes, it's a blanket. But it's an official NFL blanket! Warm! Colorful! A conversation starter! Lest you see any rolling of the eyes, remind the boys that this blanket makes a perfect lap warmer for those blustery game days. Easy to launder too. Go ahead and take it to the tailgate party. Spill beer all over. Micro-fiber is easy to launder.

Works great in the TV room too. Your sons will come to blows over this blanket.

Men never realize the beauty of functionality until they're wrapped in it. When the season's over, they'll all thank you.

Hurry. There are only 10 of these beauties left. Usually sells retail for $60 - steal it today for $40 and wrap someone up in tomorrow. Because the sale is on through today, or until supplies run out. Click here to buy.