Want cheap gas? Citgo may be the way to go


Want to save money on gas and protest President Bush's policy at the same time? Some say the way to go is Citgo gas. That's because it's a wholly owned subsidiary of Venezuela's state-owned oil company. Yes, that would be the Venezuela currently being run by that nutjob Hugo Chavez, who calls our president "the devil." But still, he is hated by Bush and he is probably the only president who is said to be elected on a platform of using his country's oil revenue to benefit the poor. That's something.

Finding a Citgo gas station isn't hard, since there are about 14,000 of them across the country. According to CommonDreams.org, a left-leaning website, buying your gas at Citgo means you are helping to provide health care, literacy and education to the poor in Venezuela, rather than merely subsidizing rich, fatcat oil companies. One report said that President Chavez is offering gas and heating fuel at low prices this winter to help the poor and needy in this country.

Not everyone is a fan. Check out Citgo Boycott Headquarters for the opposing view. They say Chavez's allies are pro-Communist, and that he sponsors worldwide terrorism. So is Citgo gas really cheaper? And if it is, is it worth buying it? Decide for yourself.