He's mad as hell about grocery discount tactics


It's happened to every one of us who has ever shopped at a grocery store. It's a variation on the old bait and switch game which draws you into a store with promises of a great deal on something you want or need. The problem is that once you are in their door, you may find that the deal you came to take advantage of is not really such a good deal after all because the store raised their margin on your target item prior to creating their " special discount." Blogger Paul Michael examines the problem in his blog post, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this any more."

The solution can be as simple as using a bit of basic math to verify that you truly are getting the discount that you think you are. When the store offers you a two for one deal, don't assume that buying two of the item will save you money. Take your total cost for the items and divide it by two, then compare that price per item to the regular price for buying just one of them. Often times you'll find that the only advantage to be had is that the store has sold you a second item.