Daily Deal: 80 GB USB hard drive, $55.95, Iomega


The Daily Deal for December 10, 2007

We're big fans of protecting your data here at WalletPop. Let's face it: we've seen far too many of our friends and colleagues lose days of productivity and weeks of work thanks to an untimely hard drive crash. And if any of you have children who like to jostle you while you're drinking your coffee... well. You get the picture. Backup drives are Very Good Things. Deals on quality USB backup hard drives? Even Better Things.

That's why we picked out this reconditioned, portable, high-speed 80 GB USB hard drive from Iomega as our Daily Deal. It's $55.95 and ground shipping to my address would be $8.95; not a screaming bargain on the shipping, but still cheaper than a comparable product at Amazon, even with Amazon Prime's free shipping (this Western Digital hard drive was the best deal at $77.99, 20% off retail price; elsewhere the best price we could find was $81.99 for a TEAC unit at PC Connection). The deal is good through Tuesday early morning.