Watch out for those consumer friendly credit card rewards


Marketwatch promoted consumer-friendly credit cards, but forgot to add the warnings about many of these deals. Any supposed "consumer-friendly" credit card that requires you to pay interest every month in order to get a reward is a bad deal for the consumer.

Take for instance the number 2 card on Marketwatch's list - the Discover Motiva Card - that gives back a month of interest every time a customer makes payments on time for six consecutive months. I don't know what the interest rate is on that card and I really don't care. People shouldn't be paying outrageous credit card interest at any time and a card that encourages people to carry over balances so they can get an interest reward is bad news for everyone that uses it to get the reward.

I love credit card rewards that give me money back when I use the card, as long as those rewards are available even when I pay my bill in full every month. In fact, I do use credit cards to get those rewards, but I never carry a balance on my credit cards and always pay them in full each month.