More money than sense -- Mouse in the House


For those with more money than sense: Mouse in the House

From time to time we'll feature products that seem to tip the scale between usefulness and wretched excess. Today's candidate-Mouse in the House. From CatDancerProducts, MITH is a small playhouse through which a mouse is electrically propelled on a track. The owner can set a timer for the mouse so it makes its twice-around circuit of the house at intervals during the day while they are at work, so that their cats can have some play during that down time. The mouse is non-toxic and built to withstand feline onslaught.

Mouse in the House sells for a mere $70, and replacement mice are available. Although the company doesn't state it, I'm confident the mice fit in a vegan diet, too.

$70 for a Mouse in the House? I think this might be the definition of disposable income.