McDonald's ads on report cards-- what next?


As Zac reported yesterday on our sister blog BlogggingStocks, McDonald's has found yet another platform for its advertising: report cards. MIckey D covered the $1,600 price of printing report card jackets for a Seminole, Fl. school in return for the right to print an ad on them.

This caused me to wonder about all the unsold space remaining in our day-to-day lives, and what companies might be willing to spend to buy space on:

  • my paycheck stub- seems like a perfect spot for Paychex or a debt consolidation service.

  • my toilet paper- perhaps an ad for All-bran?

  • my pie safe- a great place for a Jenny Craig ad.

  • my snow shovel- the local heart hospital would be perfect.

  • my mirror- sadly, a botox clinic would be smart to buy space on it.

  • my cats- Claritin?

  • my picture window- Maid service? They could write their ad in the grime.

As television advertising is Tivo'd into obsolescence, even these jokes may turn into reality. Just look at the turf surrounding this post for an example of ad proliferation.