Don't have a cow for Christmas: Give one


If you've had enough of giving gifts that have little meaning or lasting value, perhaps a program by Heifer International would suit you better. Why not give a cow, goat, a flock of geese or water buffalo this year?

Designed along the lines of charities that allow you to "adopt" needy foreign children by paying for their food, etc, Heifer International collects funds to use to supply the needy around the world with livestock. For example, they might supply a farmer in Peru with a llama to provide fleece to spin into salable items. An African family might receive a milk cow to provide essential nutrition. A few rabbits could beget a steady stream of protein to strengthen a malnourished child.

Even a small donation can be bundled with others to make a big difference to those in need. The charity even has a gift registry for those who wish to invite others to donate in their name for celebration and commemoration.

Sure, no-one ever has enough cheese logs or fruit cakes, but maybe just this once, you might consider a cow instead.