Donald Trump denies $10,000 tip

Donald Trump tips waiter $10,000
Donald Trump tips waiter $10,000

UPDATE: The New York Post's Page Six reported Friday that Donald Trump denies tipping this waiter $10,000, saying he wasn't in California on Monday. Trump was quoted as saying, "This was done by the stupid restaurant to get publicity. . . It's not my signature."

Donald Trump. When you hear that name, do you think blow-hard, cad, an annoying man whose wealth makes him hard to ignore? Me, too. Certainly, the word munificent doesn't come to mind. Therefore, the report of his generosity toward a Hollywood waiter took me by surprise. It appears that Mr. Trump, when not humiliating apprentices, is capable of some very nice actions, such as tipping like a king.

According to the report on Derober, Trump and another man shared dinner Monday at the Buffalo Club in L.A. Their waiter had trouble even getting their attention to order, but a co-worker told him that Trump had tipped generously in the past, so the waiter had hopes of a C-note or such. When the meal was over. Trump asked him what was the biggest tip he'd ever received, to which he hesitantly responded, $500.

When The Donald left the building, the lucky waiter found, much to his shock and awe, that he'd been left a $10,000 tip. Trump, apparently, doesn't like to be one-upped at anything.


Hearing this, I'll view The Donald's actions with a lot more generosity. As someone I can't recall Raytheon CEO Bill Swanson once said, a person who treats you well and the waiter badly is not a nice person. Perhaps the reverse is also true.

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