Stay warm: Money saving tips for saving on your electric bill this winter

What do I know about heating bills? I live in balmy Los Angeles, where winter weather sometimes hits the high '50s and heating your home is more about donning your Ugg boots or finding some socks to wear with your flip-flops.

But even we have to turn on the heat sometimes. And since electricity costs have doubled in the last few years, the ultimate bill can be, well, shocking.

Our sister blog, Green Daily, recently ran an excellent post on ten money saving tips for keeping your electricity bill less shocking this winter.

Allow me to recap here:

1) Identify indoor air leaks. OK, so I use a body pillow against my door jamb to keep out our frigid Los Angeles winter air. Your solution might be a little more intensive. Check out these suggestions.

2.) Consider a new furnace. And keep your other heating equipment inspected and up to date. It doesn't pay to scrimp on these home improvements. The cost savings will announce themselves loud and clear in your heating bill.

3.) Upgrade your lighting. Inefficient lighting adds up fast.

4.) Install a new showerhead. Enjoy your showers more. Save water. And heating bills!

5.) Identify and stop the sneaking electricity suckers. Yes, your microwave, TV and stereo are sitting there quietly, but they're still using up electricity. Home appliances and home electronics suck up 5% of electricity use each year in the United States.

6.) Upgrade your appliances. Newer, more energy-efficient appliances can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs every year.

7.) Put on a sweater. It's what they do in Europe when the temperature dips (and in San Francisco, where charming old flats with no insulation are the rule!). Keep yourself toasty with layers of clothing instead of paying the utility company for the luxury of walking around the house in shorts and a t-shirt all winter.

Are there ideas I've missed here? Sorry, it's hard to think when it's 70 degrees outside. Let's hear 'em!
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