Make your office greener with these easy steps

If you're into trying to save resources at your office or you own a small business, cost cutting is probably one of your overall goals. It's something not many of us think about, but finding ways to conserve energy and resources -- and attributing a cost to that effort -- can really make a monetary difference.

What to do then, you may ask? There are several things you can do to make your office greener and more ecologically efficient. And they are all relatively easy to implement. With that said, let's begin:
  • Use your own coffee cups. Do you use those Styrofoam cups supplied by your office? Those all end up in landfills where they don't decompose. Instead, have a few favorite cups at work and home and rotate them weekly. No more waste!

  • Recycle paper (using recycle bins). Most offices I have seen lately already do this, generally into locked cabinets for later destruction (due to sensitive data).

  • Proofread before you print -- that way, you won't have to print a second time due to a mistake.

  • Let your computer go to "sleep" mode at lunch or whenever you won't be using it (like during a meeting). Obvious energy savings there. When you leave for the day, turn your PC off completely.

  • Get a plant! Those office plants are natural air filters, plus good oxygen producers as well.
  • See if you can telecommute. U.S. drivers waste nearly 6 billion gallons of fuel each year sitting in rush-hour traffic jams. Nice, eh? Give that one to your boss with a forceful eye.
An upcoming book published by the National Geographic Society -- True Green @ Work: 100 Ways You Can Make the Environment Your Business -- will offer more suggestions on making your office environment more green. Are you in?
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