Get rich by living like a billionaire


Most consumers who want to get rich have it all wrong. They often have a "fake it till you make it" attitude, and spend as if they were already rich. Fancy cars, expensive handbags, sparkling jewelry, and high-end apartments and condos are the name of the game.

But do you really think billionaires got where they are because they spent faster than they earned? Of course not. Forget about those who were born into luxury. They don't count. Consider instead the rich men and women who got their wealth all on their own. Those who started from scratch and built business empires that have brought them enormous wealth. How did they do it?

Many of them did it by living frugally. That's right... some billionaires have gotten to where they are partly by living lean. We're talking about men and women who shop at ordinary department stores, cut their own hair, and save on gas by biking to work.